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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 22, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PST

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it is happening in oakland where a running gunbattle shuts down 580. sky 7hd is live overhead right now. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. police found two cars with cars with a number of bullet holes, but no victims. certainly been a busy night for oakland police in addition to the freeway shooting they also found a body on the ground at seemary and hilton. john alston is live near the scene of the shootout where some of the westbound lanes have just reopened. john? >> carolyn, the lanes reopened about 10 minutes ago. it is a good thing because tempers were starting to get the better part of some people who had been parked here in a dead stop for about two hours. sky 7hd is live over the scene where traffic is now sby in t by in two lanes near seminary
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drive and edwards. it was finally opened up, and now this began at about 8:40 tonight. it was a rolling gunbattle on 580 east involving two cars that ended in a crash near 580 west and seminary drive. two cars riddled with bullet holes. they ran away according to oakland police unknown if any of them are injured. no one has apparently showed up at any hospitals, and there is no active search for those people in the car. they have i'm powbded those vehicles and that is a key piece of evidence. again two hours people stuck in traffic and are providing a rare opportunity to actually interview people on 580 west to witness police searching for bullet casings on the freeway. >> it just came to a stand still. and then cops were all over the place looking with
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flashlights. >> i am home for the holidays and excited to see my family. i spent the first hour watching them look for bullets with flashlights on the freeway. >> compounding the traffic mess there was a warriors game that gummed up traffic even more. traffic on 580 west was backed up for several miles until a short time ago when it was finally reopened again. a rolling gunbattle on 580 westbound. the suspect apparently ran away. the people in the car were no where to be found. traffic is moving slowly near 580 westbound. live in oaknd la, john alston, abc news. >> additional information on that other bit of breaking news in oakland. police are investigating. as we said this is the shot from sky 7hd. it is just blocks away from the freeway shootout where john was just reporting from. a police sergeant willed to usct related. police were called to the scene around 9:30 tonight.
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they are talking with witnesses and trying to gather clues right now. about 10 minutes later police were called to a hit and run just two blocks away. a truck slammed into a car. the sky 7hd shot shows the car jamented -- m gentlemanned under the front of the truck. one person was injured. police do not know if the two incidents are connected. we have crews in oakland following these breaking news stories. a busy night in oakland. we will have any updates as soon as they are available. the night before thanksgiving has taken on a name of its own. cops refer to it as black wednesday when a rush of college students home for the holidays head out to the bars to meet friends. alan wang is live where extra officers are on patrol tonight. alan? >> carolyn, police say black wednesday is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinking nights of the year, second to new year's eve. here in palo alto things are just starting to pick up. it is a homecoming for local
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college students returning for thanksgiving, and palo alto's university avenue is the place to meet old friends. >> everyone is traveling home. everyone wants to see their family. not everyone wants to be stuck home with their family. it is an escape night. >> in palo alto there are a lot of people. >> police nationwide call this night before thanksgiving black wednesday. extra officers are on patrol during one of the busiest nights for local bars. >> throughout the night i would say over 1500. >> we are looking for impaired drivers and drivers not wearing their seatbelts and drivers that are speeding, drivers talking on the cell phone. >> across the state chp will be monitoring traffic during one of the busiest travel holidays in the year. it is kicking off a maximum enforcement that will last through sunday. the focus is on seatbelt safety. last year 32 people in california were killed in collisions and two-thirds of them were not wearing their
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seatbelts. >> i started shifts about 5:00. traffic has been heavier. there has been quite a few accidents already i have responded to. >> the chp in the south bay say other cities like san carlos and redwood city asked for reserves in anticipation of. the wednesday. the chp is emphasizing people have a nondrinking designated driver because interestingly they say they arrest a lot of designated drivers who thought it was okay to have a few drinks. reporting live on university avenue and palo alto, alan wang, abc7 news. jay black wednesday. alan, thanks. sports is making news. late word on who will quarterback for the 49ers this sunday. coach jim harbaugh has has decided to start cappernick. he lead them to a big victory because smith was sidelined.
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but they say smith's health was not an issue in this decision. larry beil will show you what happened the last time cappernick faced the saints. that's coming up later in sports. the rain has moved out and it looks like we are in store for a dry thanksgiving in the bay area. sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> you will not find anything on live doppler 7hd. the skies are clear with a couple of clouds. with the clear skies comes the cold weather. here are your temperatures. already dropping to the mid40s around fairfield, napa, los gatos. the temperatures are going to fall, upper 30s to upper 40s. mostly sunny at 10 and low to mid50s for thanks ifg g. sun and high clouds. low and mid60s at 2:00 p.m. and a few clouds at 6:00 p.m. and mid50s to low 60s. will the weather be just as nice heading into the holiday weekend? the answi'll be back wr to that in a fie minutes.
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dan? >> thanks very much. overseas now and a fragile cease-fire in gaza is in affect. secretary of state hillary clinton helped broker the truce between two days of intense meetings. hamas plays a key role in keeping the peace. the cease-fire comes after eight days of inence it fying airstrikes and -- intensifying airstrikes and rocket fire in the region. firefighters contained a fire at a home in oakland. looking at sky heavy sd over the scene. it was limited to the first floor near lake merritt. no one was at home at the time, and there were no injuries. damage is estimate estimated at $200,000 to $300,000. nearly a hundred people are out of power. a downed power line caused the outage. it initially caused outages
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for 1500 customers. it caused brief delays and the power was restored in minutes. the power is expected to be back on by 5:00 a.m. and customers needed flashlights to see their way around the marina district. this is cell phone video of the scene. the power was out for seven hours after a transformer blew. the cash register still works though thanks to a generator. now to the holiday and organizers at st. anthony's expect to be at annual their annual holiday meals in san francisco. city leaders including greg sir joined volunteers to set up tables and get the food ready. they are expected to serveout 4. the mayor says how many people are hurting financially and even in cities as successful as san francisco. >> the economy for the last two years is challenging. a lot of people lost their houses through foreclosures. they were challenged with the market going down.
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it is just coming back for us >> volunteers are preparing for more than 5,000 people. they will also hand out 1700 bag lunches as well. neighbors of a disi believe aed man have up to help. he was getting dye yule sis treatment and -- dialysis treatment and broke his truck window and stealing his dog leaving her collar. he suffers from crohn's disease and just diagnosed with cancer and now this. he said lola was one of the bright spots in his life. >> she was wonderful from the first day. the most affection gnat, sweetest, nicest companion you could ever have. >> understandably upset. neighbors offered a $3,000 reward to help find lola. they handed out missing fliers and knocked on doors. that's all he needs as much as
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he has already been through. up next, black friday blues of the why some wal-mart employees are planing a walkout on one of the busiest days of the year. >> and for those planning to shop, 7 on your side's michael finney looks at some of the best deals you will find on black friday. >> and here is one way not to cook a turkey. the warning from firefighters. and then later on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "fight --" nightline" a fragile cease-fire in the middle east. can it hold? and they are being called extreme cougars. women of a certain age seeking much younger men. that's on "nightline." >> stay with us. abc news at 11:00 continues
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chaotic than usual this black
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friday. it is not uncommon to see hundreds people at a time rushing for sales items. but this year workers at many stores planned a black friday walkout. wal-mart asked authorities to blockett protest calling it illegal. they want to inform shoppers about wal-mart's unfair work conditions. >> talking about shopping, this year thursday is the new black for holiday a lot a lot of stores plan to open tomorrow as early as 8:00 p.m. after the thanksgiving meals. 7 on your side's michael finney has a look at some of the best deals you will find in the madness of the holiday shopping rush. >> the ads scream incredible deals, offering the lowest prices of the season. retailers are pulling out all of the stops offering everything from bargain bikes and cut rate cook wear to free dog antlers for these door buster once a year sales at prices up to 80% off. and even higher. and shoppers will be jamming the stores and even camping out to snag deals that may
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only be available for a day, an hour or when supplies run out. in fact, they are offering shoppers a guarantee from 10:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. thanksgiving night. it is three items. a 32-inch emerson high deftv for $148. for $38ue ray p38 and an apple ipad 2 with wi-fi for $3.99. $399. that's the regular price, but you get a wal-mart gift card as a bonus. wal-mart says if the items sell out they will give customers a voucher and a guarantee. they can pick them up before christmas. >> all black friday salesplies . while supplies last. here wal-mart is saying no, if you are in the store for that hour you will be able to get this deal. >> michael runs the website bf ads .net where he tracks the deals. one of his topics, k-mart is selling this lcd-tv from pro
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scan for just $97. for a bigger shot at a rock bottom price this 40-inch hd television for $179.99 at best buy. the regular price at the store is $419.99. also at best buy, this laptop for just $190. less than half its retail price. if you want a more advanced laptop they recommend one from dell. >> if you can spend $1 or more get the dell with the 14 inch-laptop. it has a better processor and a little more memory. >> at $300 that is half off dell's regular price, and you don't have to wait in line to get one. it is offered on-line only. sam's club is selling this upright value coul for $249, a third off. but you have to be a member of the warehouse club to get that price. the new samsung galaxy s3
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smart phone is a hot seller. at verizon you will pay $299, but sames club selling it for 96 cents with a two-year verizon service plan. it may be worth paying the $100 membership to save about $250. for an inexpensive stocking stucker they are selling this vivitar and wal-mart has dvd movies for under $2 like "the green lantern." black friday is not just good for shoppers. internet retailers are expecting to see a 12% increase in shopping this year compared to 2011. in store shopping is expected to increase 4% over last year. and stores are hiring a ton of people. between 585 and 625,000 seasonal workers. and total sales, that's on-line and in stores. they are expected to top $682 billion. that should be a big boost to
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our economy. now, before you go shopping, you need to check out our website. go to right here you will see all of the stores and when they are going to open. over here are their ads so you know what they have on sale. brouse their ads and check it out under see it on tv. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a wedding album ditz covered -- discovered outside a bay area bay care center. they released they had photo. the gold sue case found with the words happy wedding 12-4 2008 in usa. police opened the case and found it was full of wedding pictures. a good samaritan searched facebook and found a man who she thought looked like the man in this photo. she told us moments ago after sending an e-mail she discovered he was india and it was in a storage locker that
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was probably broken into. the suitcase was found yesterday under a tree in the parking lot of the kinder care child care center. >> what a story that is. let's talk about the weather and the holiday skiers are already heading to the slopes for the holiday weekend. this week's storm brought snow to the higher elevations. no complaints for skiers who are just happy to be on the mountain this early in the season. north star plans to open even more lifts tomorrow to let skiers get up to some of the fresh snow on the mountains. a little higher on top. >> we will be enjoying warm weather this thanksgiving. >> we are. sandhya patel is here with the weekend weather forecast. >> it looks fabulous. let's check out live doppler 7hd. this is an indication of what is to come. skies are clear and the temperatures are falling. it is going to be chilly tonight. look at these numbers, 46 in half moon bay. 44 santa rosa and los gatos. we are on our way down in concord and livermore and down to the upper 40s at this
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hour. here is how much rain fell in the last 48 hours. you will notice a sharp contrast from north to south. san jose .20 of an inch. in oakland just after an inch and came down good at times. just over an inch in napa. almost two and a half inches of rain. it is gone. here is where we are in terms of season. 121% of average in san francisco. running 90% of normal in oaknd la. san jose is still lagging at 63. and you can see sacramento is above average. ukiah is just a little bit below where you should be. here is the forecast, clear and chilly overnight. patches of fog for the interior valleys and look for sunny and mild weather for thanksgiving. tomorrow morning if you have early plans to travel, watch out for the fog in the valleys. temperatures will be running low. it will be cold. make sure you bundle yourselves up. the temperatures will be in the upper 30s around
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fairfield. 37 napa and 37 santa rosa. most other areas will be in the 40s except san francisco down to 50 degrees. here is a look at the satellite and the radar. the cold front that came through brought us the rain. it is long gone. now the high pressure starts to push theto the storm track te north. that just means a dry pattern heading into next week. overnight we are already seeing some fog in the sacramento valley. some is going to start to spill over toward the bay area. so the valley fog expands this weekend. could be dense in pockets like it normally is this time of year. watch out for that. tomorrow afternoon is looking fabulous. 66 in santa rosa and 63 for you in half moon bay. san mateo and palo alto. 65 in concord. fairfield 66 degrees. around the monterey bay, you are looking at mild conditions. 65 in money away. in monterey. the forecast looks fabulous for thanksgiving.
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it is dry. temperatures in the 60s. cold start for black friday. people camping out or shopping. bundle up. watch out for the fog. really mild, mid60s to low 70s. a little cooler over the weekend , but still comfortable. temperatures in the sicks. in the 60s. staying there on monday and tuesday. a slight possibility of showers on wednesday. mike niko will be here carolyn and dan first thing tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. telling you about any updates for the thanksgiving holiday. >> thanks, sandhya. as we continue, you don't want your bird or your house going up in flames tomorrow. >> a few tips to keep things safe in the kitchen on thanksgiving day. that's next on abc7 news at
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a "price is right" model won more than $8.5 million in a lawsuit against the show. the jury found today the "the price is right" producers discriminated. they would not let her return to work after a pregnancy in 2010. they said the models they had at the time were good enough. several other models sued and won out of court settlements. a warning if you are gearing up for the big thanksgiving day feast. they demonstrated how bad things will get if you are not properly prepared. >> as a reaction he will try to put water on it. >> here are the most important tips to remember if you are deep frying a turkey, do not use a frozen bird. avoid using too much oil.
1:34 am
if there is a fire use baking soda and not water to put out the grease fire. >> oil and water do not mix in that situation. that's dramatic. big decision for the 49ers. >> larry beil is here with who the 49ers are going with. >> looks like colin kappernick will get the start. d ñemembers the last time he
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good evening. jim harbaugh danced around the quarterback question this afternoon, but tonight sports reports that alex smith was told that colin kappernick will start on sunday. he made his first career start and played in a 32-7 romp. he was electric on monday night. that was one game. how will he play on the road in a noisy dome? well, we will find out apparently. harbaugh insists there is no controversy here, people. >> this isn't one of those situations where you have the quarterback and everybody is clamoring for the young back up quarterback or struggling
1:37 am
guy and they want the next guy are on the young guys in there struggling and people are clamoring for the popular back up. we have two really good guys. >> flash back to last year and he played in new orleans and it was a pre-season game. this is coming out of the lockout. and the saints were blitzing all nightlong. it was an absurd strategy he threw two picks and was sacked 24 times. >> bad memories. that was an all out fest when we played them last time. hopefully we will have a better performance this time around. >> the warriors are trying to find some chemistry and klay thompson found his stroke. at home against the nets. this is with authority and had 22 points. chris humphreys, a kardashian
1:38 am
escapee left alone for the dunk. they were up a dozen early. make some noise there. darrian williams and slashing and scoring and acrobatics. he had only 9 points. heating up and three to tie it at 63. 10 of 19 for 23 points. warriors take the 5-point lead. in the final seconds and he was launching and he fouled the four-point play. a big night for david leigh. 20 points and 13 boards. all young kids. learn to use your left hand right there. six as well as well for leigh. warriors win it 102-93. the instrumental figure in the a's success. and he agreed to a two-year deal with the red sox. it was for $10 million. he had 18 homers for oakland and his leadership was tremendous in the young
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clubhouse. the a's have a lot of veteran outfielders. his presence and personality will be missed. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> going to be awfully interesting to watch the 49ers game. >> it is not like they areed with to him forever. it is one game. you get one game. you do one shot and you come back tomorrow. with alex -- the one thing about alex smith he has been through this time and time again. he can deal with this. he will be fine. >> this is a good problem to have. two apparently very talented quarterbacks. >> it is better than having two guys who can't play. you have two guys who can play. >> thanks, larry jie. "nightline" is coming up next. >> you asked for it and now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is


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